A Hide for 3

UK Shoot Warehouse Ltd
Taking great care, as we all do, when there are two in a hide comes as second nature.  Just recently when I went out we had three.  We knew there were enough nets to make a long hide, so plenty of separation between us.  Perhaps we should have made the pattern bigger?   It seemed that as we had made the hide longer, it became deeper, partly due to an inconvenient ditch, I was worried that the birds could see into it before coming into range.  Our solution was to separate the hide into bays by using another net from front to back.  You can see the result on the photo.  The front of the hide was made using Sillosocks Hedgerow Nets dark green.  They have been working a treat for me,  I added a small amount of dead nettles to further break up the shape of the hide.  Nettles, I discovered, still sting whilst appearing to be dead – devious!

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