Premium Compact Lofting Kit : Poles, Hooks and Pigeon or Crow Decoys With Bag



UK Shoot Warehouse Premium Compact Lofting Kit 

Comprises of 8 x Lofting Poles; 5 x Lofting Hooks; 5 x Full-Bodied Flocked Pigeon or Crow Decoys & a bag

British made, lightweight, aluminium poles, covered in a green PVC sleeve. High quality, long length spigot ends (over 20cm each) allowing the poles to tightly interlock and give a total reach of over 7.5 metres!

These poles have an individual length of 115cm and will fit into one of our Hide Pole or Rotary Bags.

Despite having more joints they actually give less movement – thanks to their longer length and precision drawn tolerance spigot joints for a perfect engineering fit.

The PVC coating provides a comfortable anti-slip coating to protect your hands from cold, protect the poles themselves and provide an anti-clatter covering to keep your lofting stealthy!

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