Rotary Machine Battery Bracket Suitable for 1.2 AH 12v Battery – Use with Sillosocks Motorised Hypa-Flap

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Improve your chances of a great bag by mounting the new Sillosocks Motorised Pigeon Flapper from onto your existing Standard, Pro-Motion, Optima or Ultra Lighteight Rotary Machine. This neat little bracket will slip onto one of the arms so that you can mount a 1.2 ah 12v battery at the base of the arms and power your Sillosocks Motorised Pigeon Flapper at the top. Simply secure your battery with the velcro and use the extensive cabling to wrap around the arms (we recommend camo tape to cover the wire). You then have a deadly flapping and whirling motion in one that’s guaranteed to pull in the birds!

Please note the rotary machines, battery, Sillosocks Motorised Pigeon Flapper and camo tape are not included but available to buy separately. Picture of battery for display purposes only. See the ‘you may also like’ items.

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Dimensions 33 × 69 × 13 cm