Sillosocks Crow Puller Hypa-Flap and Ground Decoy Bundle

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Leave nothing to chance with our Sillosocks Crow Puller Bundle and really pull in those Crows! This bundle includes a pair of Sillosocks Crow Hypa-Flap Decoys and 12 Sillosocks Crow Decoys (8 Head Down and 4 Head Up) and are the best lightweight pack of decoys that you can buy.


Incredibly lightweight and realistic, we believe these to be the best possible decoys available and are used by professional Pigeon Shooters and Goose Guides all around the World.  The windsock design catches the slightest breeze to keep the decoy inflated and moving about to simulate feeding activity. This revolutionary design allows easy transportation thanks to their incredibly low weight. 

They are easy and quick to deploy so a pattern can quickly be built to your liking and quickly moved in changeable conditions. All materials used are non-glare and mimic the natural plumage of the bird they are designed to decoy. The materials are extremely hard-wearing, mud and dirt can be washed off quickly after use and they do not take up lots of space in vehicles or at home. 

Andy Crow is quoted as saying about Sillosocks, “I remember shooting with a mate up in Bedfordshire when these first came out. I was dubious to say the least and gave him plenty of stick – until the birds started piling in! They were suicidal and we had a great day, so I know they can do the business.” Sporting Shooter Magazine, March 2015.

Review from Peter Dinnage 30/01/2019 “Really impressed with these sillosock decoys and hypa flap. I run a pest control company and have been asked to reduce the numbers of crows and rooks on a beef farm where they where raiding the maize silage clamp and feed troughs. A friend and myself set up a simple hide and set out the decoys in a random pattern on the field next to the yard. There was a little breeze so we faced the hypa flap crow into the wind. It was that convincing that my friend was fooled several times in thinking a crow was flighting in. The ground decoys also worked really well even fooling a buzzard which swooped down and hit one of them. He sat in a tree watching them for a while after before making off. Will be back out there this weekend for another go”.

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