Sillosocks Knockdown-Headless Pink-Foot/Greylag Goose Decoy 12 Pack

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Nothing comes close to Knockdown-Headless Pink-Foot/Greylag Goose Decoys to create a busy realistic pattern very quickly. A simple built-in cam enables the decoy to be deployed and taken down in seconds. Compact and lightweight windsock decoys with a folding backbone feature.

Knockdown-Headless Pink-Foot/Greylag Goose Decoys are incredibly lightweight and also very realistic! We believe they are the best possible decoys available as they give amazing results. The decoy windsock design catches the slightest breeze to keep the decoy inflated and moving about to simulate feeding activity. The revolutionary low-weight design means it’s easy to store and transport the decoys.

Deploying them is easy and quick. Build a pattern to your liking or move them in changeable conditions with no fuss. Professional Goose Guides all around the World use and love these decoys.

In addition, the materials are non-glare and mimic the natural plumage of the birds they are decoying. The materials are extremely hard-wearing too. What’s more, wash off mud and dirt effortlessly after use and enjoy how little space they take up in vehicles or at home.

Knockdown-Headless Pink-Foot/Greylag Goose Decoy Deploying Instructions:

Knockdown-Headless decoys come with a built-in stake that connects to the plastic backbone inside of the windsock with a bolt in a slat. You will find this at the opening of the decoy. In disassembled position, the bolt is at the bottom of the slat, closer to the stake.
To deploy your knockdown decoys lift the backbone support until it is about 90 degrees to the stake. Gently push down to lock the back support in place, allowing the bolt connecting the stake to the backbone to move up the slat it is in.
To knock down your decoy gently lift the back support near the opening of the windsock and raise until the mechanism disengages and lowers for storage. At this time you will see the bolt connecting the stake to the backbone moving down its slat.

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