Sillosocks Maxi Decoy Cube Bag

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This Maxi Cube Bag by Sillosocks Decoys keeps your decoys safe, clean, and protected and will hold 200+ Sillosocks Decoys! It is one of the best storage and handling solutions to organise, store and transport your decoys. The tough Cordura bag comes in the popular Prairie Hide Camouflage pattern and comes with backpack straps to make transporting all these decoys into the field easy.

The Cube Bag is made of heavy PVC backed Cordura and will accommodate 24 inch stakes, boasts a zippered top with 3 big carry handles and a sewn diagonal divider creates two triangles to enable Decoys to stack neatly inside.  It is collapsible for easy storage. 25″x25″x25″ (63x63x63 cm)


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