Sillosocks Motorised Pigeon Hypa-Flap Flapper Decoy

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Sillosocks Motorised Pigeon Hypa-Flap Flapper Decoy

Review from a happy customer “This motorised flapper works a treat. I have only used it once so far but it pulled birds in from way off line in a way I have never experienced with a magnet. The only downside I can see is that I nearly shot it about six times!  The other great point about is that a tiny battery will keep it going all day so there’s not too much to lug across the field. I’d definitely recommend buying one, in fact I wonder how I’ve managed without so far”.

How can you improve the already immensely popular Hypa-Flap? By motorising it of course! The new Sillosocks Motorised Pigeon Flapper from is lightweight, realistic and one of the most effective pigeon decoys or animators to hit the UK market in recent years.

It brings the effectiveness of a Sillosocks Hypa-Flap Pigeon and a Motorised Flapper together in one lightweight unit. Weighing in at just 345g and folding down for easy storage you hardly know that you’re carrying it. The in-built timer (on over 2m of cable) allows you to turn the flapper on and off and to put it on an intermittent to have the wings flapping randomly.  The wings will flap at  between 130 – 145 beats per minute.  It will happily run off a small 12v 1.2ah battery for a full days shooting.

Whether you choose to pop it on a bouncer, a willow branch, steel rod or your rotary machine (not included as standard), it will add amazing movement to your pattern and pull in those pigeons. See it in action on a bouncer in the video below:

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Dimensions 33 × 69 × 13 cm