Sillosocks Pigeon Decoy Harvester 12-Pack

£42.00 (£35.00 ex vat)

  • Lifelike feeding activity
  • Extremely realistic design
  • Water and dirt-resistant
  • Highly tear-resistant
  • 4 feeding windsock decoys
  • 2 sentry windsock decoys
  • Low weight – 640 g – the weight of 12 decoys
  • Easy to deploy, store, and transport
  • Guaranteed to attract birds

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A pack of Sillosocks Pigeon Harvester 12 is a pre-made pattern of 8 feeding and 4 sentry pigeon windsock decoys. These have proven to be extremely effective in the job of attracting real birds. This is all you would need for a quick and effective setup.

Decoys from Sillosocks Pigeon Harvester 12 are lightweight and move with the breeze like the other baits in this range. Use them alongside other types of this popular decoy. By using a variety of decoys you will gain the best results possible.

Check out our Sillosocks Pigeon Hypa-Flap  Decoy for the ultimate realism in your setup. Save money with our Sillosocks Pigeon Puller Hypa-Flap and Ground Decouy Bundle which includes a pair of Pigeon Hypa-Flaps and a Pigeon Harvester 12 pack.

Each Sillosocks Pigeon Decoy comes with a ground stake. Push it through the head and then into the ground.  The whole process of set up and storing away is quick and easy. The pack folds nicely into a UK Shoot Decoy Bag.

Why Do Our Customers Love the Sillosocks Decoys?

Sillosocks Decoys are incredibly lightweight and also very realistic! We believe they are the best possible decoys available as they give amazing results.

Firstly, the windsock decoys will bring your pattern to life by catching the slightest breeze to keep the decoys inflated and moving about to simulate feeding activity.

Secondly, the revolutionary low-weight design means it’s easy to store and transport the decoys.

Thirdly, deploying them is easy and quick. Build a pattern to your liking or move them in changeable conditions with no fuss.

Professional Goose Guides all around the World use and love these decoys.

What’s more, the materials are non-glare and mimic the natural plumage of the birds they are decoying. All of the components are extremely hard-wearing too. Wash off mud and dirt effortlessly after use and enjoy how little space they take up in vehicles or at home.

Finally, with the Sillosocks Decoys, you are guaranteed to have a successful shoot every time.

Watch these crows in action in this video and this one.

Andy Crow is quoted as saying about Sillosocks, “I remember shooting with a mate up in Bedfordshire when these first came out. I was dubious to say the least and gave him plenty of stick – until the birds started piling in! They were suicidal and we had a great day, so I know they can do the business.” Sporting Shooter Magazine, March 2015.


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