Sillosocks Pink-Foot / Greylag Geese Decoys: Harvester 12-Pack

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The ever so popular Sillosocks Pink-Foot/Greylag Geese Decoys are now in a pre-made pattern of 8 feeding and 4 Sentry decoys. This is all you would need for a quick and effective setup.

All Sillosocks decoys are incredibly lightweight and realistic! Professional Pigeon Shooters and Goose Guides all around the World use these decoys and consider them some of the best. The windsock design catches the slightest breeze to keep the decoy inflated and moving about to simulate feeding activity. This revolutionary design allows easy transportation thanks to their incredibly low weight.
Deploying them is quick and straightforward. Build a pattern to your liking or move them in changeable conditions with no fuss. In addition, the materials are non-glare and mimic the natural plumage of the bird they are designed to decoy. The materials are extremely hard-wearing too. What’s more, wash off mud and dirt effortlessly after use and enjoy how little space they take up in vehicles or at home.



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