Ultimate Motion MK6 Turbo Pigeon Flapper & Standard Pigeon Rotary Bundle

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This Ultimate Flapper Bundle provides everything that you need to get great results in the field. It includes our very own BRITISH MADE UK Shoot Warehouse Lightweight MK6 Turbo Flapper, a 12V 1.2 Ah rechargeable battery, ground mounting spike, random/intermittent timer plus one of our BRITISH MADE pro-motion rotary machines, a 12ah 12v Battery, Variable Speed Control, Trickle Charger (also suitable for the 1.2ah flapper battery) and a UK Shootwarehouse Rotary bag to carry it all in. Save ££ versus buying these separately!

The UK Shoot Warehouse Pigeon Flapper MK6 has a new and improved motor that features metal gears and a turbocharged flapping motion (205 wing beats per Min on constant operation). This light compact unit features DUAL bushings on moving arms which won’t seize up like the ones using single bushings. The unit and ground spike is powder coated in a tough Nato green and once a dead bird is mounted on the unit it cannot be seen.

** Please break the pigeon’s wings at the body before use on the flapper. This is essential for the correct flapping motion and to prolong the life of the motor.**

This pro-motion Pigeon Magnet Rotary Decoy Machine features a three spike foot base, two telescopic arms, v-section wing spreaders (for dead birds) and is fully wired up and ready to go. It can be used with either dead birds or our Sillosocks Hypa-Flap Decoys and is supplied as pictured.

1-year guarantee.

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 57 × 20 × 14 cm