Ultra Lightweight Pigeon Magnet Rotary Machine

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Ultra Lightweight Pigeon Magnet Rotary Machine

The Ultra-Lightweight Pigeon Magnet boasts a small centrally mounted motor in slimline housing that will spin two dead bird decoys with a magnetic effect to passing pigeons! It uses a smaller, lighter, geared motor that is superior to other machines. Despite its lightweight, it is just as robust and is built to last. Made in Britain with fully CNC machined construction and self-lubricating brass ‘oil-lite’ bushing for extra support at the motor shaft. The rotary machine completely disassembles for ease of transportation. We recommend the small and lightweight 7 Amp 12v battery which (with a fully charged battery) will give you a full day’s shooting with this machine (we have had an Ultra Lightweight running with 2 dead birds on for over 10 hours with one of our 7ah 12 batteries – obviously, the amount of time that you get will depend upon wind conditions and other variables).  Do not use a hammer to seat the base into the ground.  The Shooting Industry Awards 2017 – Finalist in the New Shooting Accessory category.

See it in action here: As used by Andy Crow!



  • Brand new high torque motor
  • Powder coated Nato green
  • Adjustable angle arm attachment points
  • Slim line design
  • Lightweight – machine weighs only 1.8KG
  • Height adjustable – can be used low to the ground or high for use in standing crops (shaft length 96cm from spike to top)
  • THIS MACHINE WILL TAKE DEAD BIRDS AND HYPA-FLAP DECOYS. (Please note if using hypa flaps on this rotary we recommend that you slow it down with a speed control).


  • Main motor housing with centre spike/ triangle base
  • 2 x Telescopic Rotary arms
  • 2 x V-section wing spreaders

See our Ultra Lightweight Magnet in action (from 4:38 in to the video) in this episode of the CrowHow series with Andy Crow where he bags 220 birds!


Why not add some extension bars to give a wider rotation circle and some camo tape to ensure that your rotary arms don’t catch any sunlight and give the game away. See the ‘You May Also Like’ section below.

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Weight 3.34 kg
Dimensions 160 × 34 × 16 cm