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It is vital that you remove ticks correctly and as soon as possible: The internet is full of horror stories showing how terrible and  complicated Lyme disease can be, not to mention the other diseases they carry which attack White & Red Blood cells.
Understanding how ticks tick – a bit of Ticknology: Borreliosisbacteria(Lymedisease) live in the digestive tract of infected ticks.The tick can regurgitate these microbes into its host at any time, but does so especially when stressed or squeezed! Even during the normal feeding process, to keep the host’s blood flowing, the tick will regurgitate into its host after 8-24 hours.(Bonappetit!)

That explains why it is essential to remove ticks quickly, correctly and without stressing them. But every body who has suffered a tick-bite knows how big a problem it can be to remove them properly,calmly and without delay.  Ticks occur in a wide variety of environments from Public Parks to Mountain Areas.

The patented new TickCard™ offers the all-in-one answer: Its credit card size offers the advantage that people can always have it with them to remove ticks without delay. This, and that it does not stress the tick, helps reduce the Lyme disease infection risk! The sensible choice is to keep a TickCard handy in your wallet to be able to remove ticks correctly and without delay. This well-tried tick removal tool receives praise from experts and outdoor enthusiasts alike!  In Germany over two million were sold in one year alone. The useful built-in 3x magnifying lens and the clear and practical instructions are helpful and well-liked. With a TickCard in your wallet you are well prepared!

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